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Odontika Dental Multispeciality Best Dental Clinic in Uttara Dhaka, with a team of the best dentists in Uttara Dhaka. We offer different types of dental treatment such as dental implants, teeth scaling, teeth whitening, and cosmetic dentistry at a reasonable price. Therefore, visit us to save your time, money, and teeth.

The best dental clinic in Uttara works to improve your oral health and visual appearance

We are dedicated to provide the best dental care here. Our entire staff often participates in professional development workshops as part of our effort to keep updated about the most recent innovations in the dental industry. In order to enhance the oral health of you and your family, we use the latest equipment and also our dentists are updated with most recent and proven treatments.

However, You already know that we didn’t claim we are the best. Our patients say that. When you visit Odontika Dental Solution, your smile is our top priority. In addition, We are committed to providing you with customized care in a very professional environment.

The main thing is, our goal is to assist you to accomplish and maintain good dental health and a healthy smile for years to come. The Odontika Dental is dedicated to restoring and improving the natural beauty of your smile.

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First-Class Treatment

Our Odontika dental, practice has a strong legacy of first-class general and cosmetic dentistry treatment. When it comes to the health, comfort, and pleasure of our patients; we are committed to provide outstanding service, excellent care and  we don’t sacrifice it anyway. Cosmetic dentistry can improve the appearance of teeth that are damaged, discolored or misshapen. By utilizing the most up-to-date reconstructive and aesthetic procedures, Our dentists can also improve the health of your smile.

Why Odontika Dental is the Best Dental Clinic in Uttara Dhaka?

Having healthy teeth is important because you cannot sacrifice your smily life. After all, it not only beautifies your face but also enhances your confidence and improves your dental health. We will tell you the primary reasons that make us the Best Dental Clinic in Uttara Dhaka, making it easier for you to trust us.

We promised to deliver right treatment

We take the time to listen to you and promise to deliver our treatment in a comfortable manner.

Quality and professional service

A highly experienced and qualified team of professionals, dedicated to serve the patients.

Offering better pricing to you

Our pricing is reasonable and we are always understanding of our patient's personal situation.

One stop digital dental solution

Our fully computerised record-keeping and administration ensure maximum efficiency with online booking.

Meet Our Doctors

Meet our expert and highly skilled team of dentists in Uttara to assist you to cure your teeth for brighter and whiter teeth. Get an appointment for any type of dental treatment from experienced and professional dentists who can guide you with tooth restoration.

 Above all, Our dentists are dedicated to completing your satisfaction and committed to making your treatment experience relaxing and comfortable. Therefore, we offer you and your family the opportunity to receive quality dental care at an affordable price.

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Dr. M M Mustak


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,
Trained in Aesthetic And Orthodontics – Dhaka
Trained in Implantology – Osstem, Korea
Trained in Advanced Endodontic (Root Canal Treatment ) – Bangkok, Thailand
Chief Consultant – Odontika Dental Solution
Consultant – Ibn Sina D lab Uttara. ( Morning )

Dr. Masruba Sonia


Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
Dhaka Dental College & Hospital

Trained in Orthodontics & Aesthetic Dentistry ( Dhaka )

BCS, Health Cadre

A Little Word From Our Doctors

We are familiar of the stress a dental consultation can bring for the patient. We'll assure you now. Our entire reputation is based on our professionalism and the love we have for what we do. We won't skimp on the quality of the instruments we use or the effort it takes to get your dental health back. Our biggest reward will be when you regain your smile and start taking huge bites out of life once again.

Unparalleled Care at Odontika Dental

In our Uttara clinic, we presently provide a variety of cosmetic dental services, such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, porcelain crowns etc. We continue to use the most up-to-date technologies in our practice as part of our commitment to provide various services. We pursue advanced training in modern dental fields, including implantology and aesthetic dentistry. We also continue to offer high-quality general dentistry to individuals and families from all over the country.

Odontika Dental takes pride in providing you with the best oral care possible so that you can reach your best smile. All of your dental concerns will be satisfy by our skilled cosmetic, general, and restorative dentists. 

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Odontika Dental Solution in Uttara offers general dentistry, family dentistry, implantology, orthodontics, denturology and much more. Our clinic is at the cutting edge of technology and our team is very proud to help our patients to achieve healthy and radiant smiles! We are always accepting new patients.

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