Why Prenatal Dental Care is Important for Your Baby

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Why Prenatal Dental Care is Important for Your Baby?


A healthy baby can make a healthy nation. A healthy baby is not only a dream, it’s a hope and mental satisfaction.

Parents, who plan for a baby, like to consult with a GYN doctor for the very first time. And that’s always good. Some of us also consult with a haematologist or endocrinologist. That’s all good and for those who are conscious about their future child, I must appreciate them for doing this excellent job.


But maximum, almost all people never consult with a dental surgeon before they planning about their children. I found lots of caries, severe chronic gingivitis, and severe periodontitis associated with pregnant patients who feel huge pain during pregnancy and we don’t have to do anything during 1st and 3rd trimesters. and also, we can’t give them any powerful drugs because in our country doctor negligence is very much common.


What happens during pregnancy???


Less food intake, that’s means less vitamin and mineral intake. Which impacts on future baby’s teeth & skeleton.
More vomiting means that huge amounts of acid regurgitation occur, causing tooth sensitivity for normal teeth and causing huge pain for the caries tooth.
Craving for sugary food. And sugar is very much tasty food for bacteria and produces huge amounts of lactic acid causing more caries. Changes in hormone cause gum swelling, gum bleeding, and pregnancy gingivitis, which may cause total haemoglobin count to hamper. Previous carious teeth. Improper tooth brushing.


What can patients do?


Proper tooth brushing, twice daily after a meal and before sleeping. For any kind of dental caries, must consult with your family dental surgeon. Before taking any decision about family planning, you must do a routine checkup for the whole body with a dental checkup. Proper dental treatment before your family planning.


Wish you all a very happy journey of family planning and wish you a painless life with a healthy and happy smile.