Importance of child’s tooth in our country: Bangladesh

Importance of child’s tooth in our country: Bangladesh

The tooth is an important part of our body. Actually, it’s sometimes a restless part of some humans. we eat, we speak, we smile, we laugh, we bite, we love……. But why baby’s tooth is too much important for an adult???


The Baby’s ideal food is mummy’s milk but at the age of six-month, the baby needs more food…some are soft. Some are semisoft. They can eat some fruits…. They can eat some vegetables… and they need teeth. A tooth can maintain face shape…. A tooth expands the jaw… A tooth can give a child better confidence. A healthy tooth can maintain better health. But why I am talking about Bangladesh?


Bangladeshi parents think, there is no importance of a baby’s tooth or deciduous tooth. They think if a baby’s tooth affects…this is a total loss of money to a dentist. And maximum parents want to remove the tooth before their actual period of tooth shedding or exfoliation. They only know about the treatment is extraction.


All over the country, maximum child’s parents and children are addicted to junk foods, low-quality grade highly sugar contain chocolate and cold drinks which is corrosive to teeth. Sugar is very much import for tooth decay. Sticky food, sugar, and chocolate, which adhere to the tooth surface…help to multiply the bad dental caries occurring bacteria…. And before coming permanent tooth…maximum deciduous tooth damage themselves.


Cause, tooth pain. If tooth pain occurs, they miss their school, they refuse to eat healthy or normal food, infection occurs, and normal life makes it too hard for parents. And maximum parents want a shortcut solution…. They think a baby tooth is not so important n they decide To remove the tooth. But why a baby tooth is important??? Why we dentists don’t want to remove the tooth before the proper time of shedding??? Now we have to know about dentition.


We have two dentitions. Deciduous or baby, and permanent or adult. Deciduous come at 6 months to 2.5 years… and permanent teeth come at the age of 6 years to 13 years. The number of deciduous teeth is 20 and permanent teeth is 32. Numbering of deciduous teeth by a,b,c,d,e and in case of permanent we number each half jay, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. And 8 which is wisdom teeth.


Now…. At first…exfoliation starts from the lower jaw, at the age of 6 years, both right and left, a are exfoliation occurs. And at that time permanent right and left 1,1 replace both deciduous a, a. but…at the age of 6 years…another case occurs…. The first permanent 4 pieces first molar teeth erupt at both jaws. Not. At the age of 6, a baby contains mixed dentition. Baby’s deciduous tooth is replaced by a permanent tooth…. a is replaced by 1, b is by 2, c is by 3, d is by 4, and last of all e is replaced by 5. 6,7,8 is tooth permanent teeth which dint replace any teeth. Now shedding time of lower b is 6-7 years… upper a, a is 7-8 years… Most important is…our baby’s mostly affected teeth are d and e. both upper and lower jaw. M giving you an example, … At the age of 7, a baby affected a lower e, which is the neighbour of permanent 6. Now our parents decide to the extraction of this painful culprit tooth at the age of 7. Now, what’s happening? In the end number of teeth is permanent, 6 will move forward and replace the space extracted at the age of 7-8 years. But mainly e always replaces by 5, at the age of 10-12, when 5 will come to the functional area, this permanent tooth will not get any space to normal jay, then it will go inside of jay or outside of jay, buccally or labially or, lingually.


Total dentition will mash up by one faulty decision. The jaw will not expand normally, malocclusion occurs, change the face shape, change beauty, change confidence.


So, think before any decision…. Deciduous teeth are the impression of permanent teeth and jaw. If you are searching dentist for your child, then here is the best dental clinic in Uttara.